Who we are

Look 2 The Light Counselling Services is:

  • a caring and compassionate space for women, children, youth and their families
  • a welcoming place for cultural diversity
  • a safe space to help you grow by setting manageable goals
  • a faith-based place for spiritual encouragement
  • an encouraging space for creative expression through the arts

What we do

We embrace a creative approach to talk therapy that creates space for the Arts, the beauty it gives, and the potential to find hope when life has been darkened by grief, suffering and trauma.

What we believe

Look 2 The Light Counselling Services:

  • believes each child, teen, adult, person, couple and family has infinite worth and their beliefs are respected
  • is a faith-based practice that explores ways to assist those seeking spiritual meaning in their lives
  • uses the Creative Arts to promote healthy expression of who you are
  • celebrates each step you take towards wellness and wholeness

Please contact us for more information about upcoming events and workshops.